How CBD helped millions during quarantine

Self care has recently witnessed a boom like never before, and all due to the confinement restrictions imposed on the majority of the world. As a result, people have resorted to better looking after themselves and taking better care of their wellness in times where not much else could be done. What took the world by storm though, is the incredible influx of people resorting to CBD and its products seeking a better lifestyle and improving their general conditions. 

CBD not only worked wonders helping people in physical conditions but it proved to be equally paramount to their mental health and stability. 

Quarantine and confinement have negatively affected a large part of society and have rendered most of us unwary of the negative implications that people are or will suffer from.  

CBD and mental health

Isolation and seclusion can have a hefty toll on mental health; where studies have shown that they have been linked to higher chances of dementia, heart problems, and depression just to name a few. 

That’s why people resorted to CBD and its products. CBD has been a pillar in the industry for decades due to its anti-inflammatory properties and its effects on combating stress and anxiety in addition to insomnia. 

CBD’s non-psychoactive properties have been crucial in its newfound acceptance into the routines of so many people that sought alternative solutions to their daily issues, slowly getting rid of the stigma the world had for cannabis and its relation to therapeutic activities. 

Humans are not the sole beneficiaries of CBD’s alleviating properties as it is also often used to help anxious pets. Many CBD products and brands now include items specifically for animals. 

The future of CBD in self-care

Like many other industries, quarantine and confinement has made everyone reconsider their approaches to applying better health-conscious decisions and activities. With more and more countries around the world aiming for the legalization and safe access to cannabis, we are hoping to see more cannabis and its related products infiltrating this sector and establishing itself as a credible and sustainable alternative in wellness. 

Christian Atallah

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