Why use the Awesome Trays Smell-Proof Bag?

Regardless of what you’re smoking, you don’t want to walk around smelling like it. Now pair that with sleek and durable bags that protect your material all-the-while keeping you stank-free. But how do the Awesome Trays Smell Proof Bags hold up when it comes to the ultimate container to transport your gear? 

None of us look forward to breaking our favourite glass pipe or fragile grinder, and that’s why this smell proof bag accommodates all our gadgets, material and suitable personal belongings in safety and style.  

Awesome trays’ smell proof bags aren’t solely for moving your stash around; their water-proof durable material works wonders for travel and everyday-use for all kinds of belongings. Versatility is just one of the things that makes the smell proof bags an essential item, that’s why the awesome bag also comes with attachable straps that allow everyone to wear them in whichever way they find comfortable. 

The Science Behind It

Not only do the awesome trays smell proof bags have an exceptional layer of coating that works wonders when blocking out unwanted odors, but each and every bag comes with a special carbon-lined padding that is uniquely designed to absorb and deflect strong smells. Add that to the noteworthy moisture-seal ziplock which blocks out odors and keeps your items at bay from interference. 

This carbon-lined technology, aka carbon-filter technology, works by confining the odor within the carbon molecules. This works by grasping the floating molecules that emit the odors and taking in the smell it gives off. This “activated carbon’’ has a huge permeable surface, so huge that in fact 500 grams of this material equates to almost half a square kilometer of surface area. That’s definitely enough space to trap up those unwanted odors your stash is giving out. 

The best part of it all is that the bags come ready-to-use, no action required whatsoever; these bags are designed to serve you for extended periods of time! Say the time comes where your bags start to have their carbon filtration clogging up and not working as efficiently as before,after a long period of time after usage, throwing your bag into the drier for 10 to 15 minutes can sometimes reactivate the charcoal and will get your bag as good as new. As simple as that. Truly one of the simplest and most effective ways to transport your stash worry-free! 

Carbon filtration has been around for decades now, used in common items such as respiration masks all the way to cigarette filters, so why not incorporate it into taking care of our beloved belongings as well? 

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