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Presenting TRAYS® King Size Booklet Papers, which have superior quality and sophistication in every roll. With 22 booklets and 32 exquisitely designed papers in each, each box is an absolute treat. With every presentation, there are 704 papers altogether.

Our king-size books, which are 109x26 mm and are made for connoisseurs, are the ideal surface on which to smoke. Made from high-quality hemp paper, these papers enhance the inherent flavours of your chosen herbs with a smooth, even burn.

Not only that, but every booklet includes a filter, which gives your smoking experience even more convenience. Discover the art of rolling with TRAYS®, where every booklet is a work of elegance and perfection. These king-size booklets will elevate your smoking routine because they are the ideal combination of fashion and functionality. Establishing the benchmark for exceptional smoking experiences is TRAYS®.