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The TRAYS® Aluminium Tube Holder is a sleek and contemporary option for on-the-go storage that is discrete. This elegant aluminium container is made to go with you anywhere, providing both practicality and style.

The tube holder guarantees that your contents stay covert and safe with its modern style. Its 15 x 110 mm small size allows it to fit easily in your pocket or backpack and offers a portable way to store your necessities.

The aluminium tube container is not only functionally sound but also has a contemporary appearance. Your belongings are kept safe from water intrusion thanks to the design, and the tube's sealed construction helps keep any smells contained.

TRAYS® Aluminium Tube Holder is the ideal accessory for a discreet and odourless storing experience wherever you go. It is the ideal fusion of design and functionality. TRAYS®: Revolutionising ease in every aspect.