Acerca de

Awesome Trays was born in Barcelona Spain, with the purpose of satisfying the modern needs of the public that are always looking for exclusive and highest-quality items within the cannabis industry. 

Our custom-made high quality rolling trays represent our deepest passions, both our love for cartoons and our love for everything cannabis. 

We’ve always wanted to create the ultimate accessories that everyone can love while providing the best, most durable, and highest quality material. Our love for this industry is our drive to always create and share to the world our unique and Awesome creations. 

Currently, our products are available at headshops, growshops, specialty stores, cannabis clubs, coffeeshops, and private associations around Europe, but we are gradually expanding to provide everyone with our products around the world. 

We love receiving feedback from our friends and customers suggesting specific designs. We love what we do, and we want to fully reflect that through our products.

Remember, always be Awesome!